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Exfoliation & Acne Treatment

Why This Combo Goes Hand-in-Hand to Work to Get Rid of Acne

As you’re attempting to create the most effective acne treatment plan for yourself, you need to educate yourself about the various steps required to help you to work towards your goal to get rid of acne and the part that they should play in your overall acne treatment program and acne treatment process. You’ll often hear skin care experts and skin care product experts talk about the importance of skin and face exfoliation on the path to clear your face of acne breakouts. But why is exfoliating your face and your skin so important? While exfoliation has different goals for different types of skin care needs, when it comes to getting clear skin, the purpose of ensuring that you exfoliate regularly is two-fold.

Exfoliating Your Face Helps Make Sure that Pores Won’t Clog and Cause Acne Breakouts

At the base of all things, acne breakouts are caused by a build up of bacteria inside of your pores that then causes an infection that results in an acne blemish. But what allows the bacteria to build up in your pores? When pores get clogged, then bacteria builds up. There are two things that can clog pores. The first is surface dirt and oil on your face. However, if you’re using an effective acne skin cleanser such as Murad Clarifying Cleanser, then you should be effectively limiting surface dirt and oil. The second factor that can cause clogged pores is dead and dry skin cells on the surface of the skin. These dead and dry skin cells can build up over time, but if you exfoliate regularly you will remove dead and dry skin cells from the surface of your face or other skin area before they can clog pores, allow bacteria to build up and create acne breakouts.

Exfoliating Your Face Helps Your Acne Treatment Products to Work More Effectively

To effectively fight acne breakouts, you’ll want your topical acne treatment product to be medicating the bacteria or drying the excess oil on your newest skin. Treating the old, dead skin on the surface is essentially treating skin that will shed away soon. By exfoliating your face regularly, you can help be sure that your acne treatment products or topical medications are working on your newest, freshest skin so that by the time that skin comes to the surface it is beautiful, healthy, clear skin. Exfoliating your face (or other areas of acne breakouts) makes sure that topical acne medications work at their most effective on the most important skin.

Exfoliation is a critically important part of any acne treatment plan. Whether you are using a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, products with alpha and beta hydroxyl acids or an old fashioned loofah to help shed away dead surface skin, be sure that you incorporate exfoliation into your acne treatment program. Remember, skin care advice for beautiful and healthy skin (beautiful skincare blog) doesn’t simply mean telling you to buy an acne spot remover and dry up your acne blemishes. Every step of your skin care routine matters and can make a difference in how your skin looks now and in the future!

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