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Acne Face and Skin Cleanser Reviews

Acne Treatment Reviews from Acne Canada

When you’re selecting an acne treatment product regimen, there are three things that should be incredibly important to you. The first is the acne medications that are used in the products that you’re selecting. The second most important thing should be the professional skin care experts and dermatologists who endorse and recommend the products that you’re choosing. The third thing that you should care about, however, is acne treatment product reviews of the products that you’re considering from actual customers. Why is this so important? Because nobody will give you a more honest opinion on what acne products work effectively than people who actually suffer from and must overcome acne breakouts. In this section of acne product reviews from Acne Canada, we’ll focus on reviews of three of the best skin cleansers for people with oily or acne-prone skin.

Murad Clarifying Acne Skin Cleanser Reviews

Murad Canada Clarifying  CleanserClarifying Cleanser is the primary acne-fighting skin cleanser in the Murad Canada line of acne treatment products and is the first step in the three-step Murad Acne Complex® system. Using the acne medication Salicylic Acid, Murad Clarifying Cleanser not only exfoliates the dead and dry skin cells deep beneath the surface of the skin that clog pores and cause inflamed acne blemishes, it also eliminates 99.9% of acne-causing surface bacteria within sixty seconds of use. In addition to fighting clogged pores and acne blemishes, Murad Clarifying Cleanser includes antioxidant-rich Green Tea Extract and soothing Menthol to calm irritated skin and even skin tone. But enough about why this skin cleanser is ideal for acne-prone skin. Here’s What actual customers are saying:

Best Skin Care I ever used!
Tinuviel, Minneapolis, MN
I have been struggling with adult acne for years. I have tried every product under the sun. Proactiv worked for a little while but it eventually stopped working AND my skin looked dull, old and dried out. Since using Murad I have almost completely stopped breaking out! I haven't even been getting "period pimples"! My skin looks younger, more vibrant and healtier than it has in years! And the products last me forever. I HIGHLY recommend this. I know everyone is always skeptical about these reviews, I know I always am, but I am a real person and I got very real, and wonderful, results. I also have a guy friend, a little younger than me, who had equally great results. Get your own Clarifying Acne Skin Cleanser.

Great :)
I never write reviews for products, but i feel like i should for this cleanser! This is great!!! I used Proactive several years ago and my skin has been messed up ever since. I used every single product under the sun to calm my acne. This actually is working for me. Its been about 1 1/2 months and i had mild breakouts in the beginning ( worth it ) and now I have rare breakouts ( chin area ) It is seriously worth every penny. Give it a try! Get your own Clarifying Acne Skin Cleanser.

This product worked within 1 week.
Marie4, Atlanta, GA
I have struggled with minor breakouts for the past 20 years. I never had severe acne, but always had some bumps on my face all the time. I have only been using the clarifying cleanser for 6 days now and my breakouts are almost gone and skin is much smoother and clearer. I am really impressed with how fast it is working. I have tried prescriptions from dermatologists, chemical peels, and laser treatment before. None of those worked for me, but this product is really helping. Get your own Clarifying Acne Skin Cleanser.

Murad Canada Clarifying  Cleanser

Great Everyday Cleanser
EmilyR369, St. Louis, MO
I've tried just about every other cleanser out there and nothing even comes close to comparing with Murads Clarifying Cleanser. My cystic acne is under control for the first time since I started using their products. This cleanser is great because it removes oil and dirt/makeup without over drying. This product breaks the cycle of over drying the skin then putting the skin into oil production over drive...finally! Get your own Clarifying Acne Skin Cleanser.

Worth it!
CarolAnn3, Milwaukee, WI
When I used the Acne Complex, I especially loved the Clarifying Cleanser! I have extremely oily skin and it is one of the few products that left my face feeling extremely clean. I have a teenage son who is getting bad breakouts now, and because he's a boy, it's hard to get him to get into a good skin care regime. The one thing I love to alway have for him is the Clarifying Cleanser. I've tried other cleansers with the same Salicylic Acid percentage, but there's something about this Clarifying Cleanser that seems to clean better than others, including Pro-Active. I get sad when I can't afford to keep it on hand. Get your own Clarifying Acne Skin Cleanser.

Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser for Acne-Prone Combination Skin Reviews

Murad Canada Pomegranate CleanserIf your acne problem isn’t severe but you suffer occasional breakouts or blemishes in the oily area of the T-Zone of your combination skin (the area of your face made up of your forehead, nose, chin and upper lip), then you may not want a particularly strong acne skin cleanser. Instead, consider a cleanser that’s designed to balance the tone and overall skin health of combination skin. Murad Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser is part of the Murad Vitalic® line of skin care products specifically for combination skin. Using antioxidants from Pomegranate Extract, this cleanser refreshes while reducing shine, oil and breakouts. Here’s what actual customers have said:

Lives up to its name!
studynurse27, Houston, TX
I was given a sample of this to try, and I have never felt my skin so smooth, and awake! This cleanser feels great-I washed my sensitive skin, and it was gentle, non-irritating. It has a light, nice pomegranate scent and worth the price for the high-quality ingrediants and perfomance I got from it. It is hard to find a good cleanser with sensitive skin, but this it for me. Goes on as a foam, and cleanses off easily, but don't let that fool you- it works easily, and really makes your skin feel new and vibrant. I felt that it made my skin look clearer and toned any discoloration as well. Get your own pomegranate cleanser.

Amazing product!
macnz, San Diego, CA
This face wash is fantastic. My face feels so clean and soft and looks brighter and clearer after I use this product. You don't need much and the foam is very gentle. It is perfect for my sensitive combination skin. It soothes reddness, treats mild acne, and doesn't dry out my skin. However, if my skin is suffering from a worse than usual acne breakout I opt for the acne clairifying cleanser instead. I have gotten my acne under control by rotating between these two cleansers. Thanks Murad! Get your own pomegranate cleanser.

Fresh and Clean
Sally000, Maryland
I first received this product as a freebie when I bought some other products. And WOW! I use it daily and my skin feels so fresh and clean afterwards. It even washes away make-up residue - including eye make-up/mascara residue. My skin really does feel soft and smooth, without making it dry. Get your own pomegranate cleanser.

Love this cleanser!
ECK1326, Venice, CA
I have tried tons of facial cleansers from all different companies and this has been one of my very favorites for the last 10 years. Not only is the packaging super cute and the smell AMAZING. But it feels so wonderful. Light and wonderfully foamy, it makes my face feel very clean and very refreshed. I tend to use this cleanser more in the spring and summer, when it's not so dry out. Or in the winter, I use it in the morning and switch to the Clarifying Cleanser at night. Get your own pomegranate cleanser.

So Awesome
KBMH, Natchitoches, LA
I am 3 months pregnant and was having horrible breakouts. Within 2-3 days of using this cleanser as well as some other Murad products, I saw a dramatic difference. Get your own pomegranate cleanser.

Soothing Gel Cleanser for Sensitive and Red Skin Treatment Reviews

Murad Canada Sensitive Skin CleanserOften times, acne-prone skin is also sensitive and red skin. When this is your skin type, you’ll want to look for an acne skin cleanser that also soothes and relieves your skin. After all, not only do you not want your skin to be physically uncomfortable, but redness and irritation can actually lead to more breakouts and red spots. Murad Soothing Gel Cleanser not only cleanses your skin for a clearer complexion, it also soothes it to reduce redness. Here’s what customers are saying.

Sam12, Brooklyn, CT
I am in my first trimester and let me tell you, my skin was a mess. I instantly developed the worse case of prenatal acne--big pimples, dry, red, flaky patches, sore to touch, YUCK!!! I went to a Murad facial event at a local salon and the technician did a sensitive skin facial and recomened I get this cleanser and the sensitive skin soothing serum. In 2 DAYS my skin was flawless! I am not kidding! It has been a week and my skin looks amazing. My husband even said how clear my skin looks. I am thrilled! I thought I was going to spend my whole pregnancy with an ugly, painful face and now I couldn't be happier! Best stuff in the world! Get your own Soothing Gel Cleanser.

IheartMurad, Santa Barbara
I have used everything from Clinique, to MAC, to Shiseido, to Laura Mercier, and this soothing cleanser works the best. My skin never feels tight after I use it and it always calms it down after a long day of harsh makeup and stress. Would recommend it to anyone with red/super fair skin. Get your own Soothing Gel Cleanser.

Best for redness
SS13, Bourbonnais, IL
I have horrible red, dry, sensitive, acne prone skin. I have tried a lot of different cleansers and nothing seems to calm and hydrate my skin like this cleanser does. It works wonders. There are less breakouts, less redness, less tightness. I love it! Get your own Soothing Gel Cleanser.

Feels good and seems to help redness
johnsonap1023, Venice, CA
I just started using this a week ago and it feels great on my skin. I've been using a harsher acne face wash as well as a scrub from another brand and my red cheeks and pimples were just getting worse. After a week of using this, my skin has shown a really good improvement! Get your own Soothing Gel Cleanser.

No matter if your acne is severe or mild, an effective acne skin cleanser is the first step in getting clear skin. Hopefully, these acne treatment skin cleanser reviews have helped to guide you on your way to determining the right product choice for you. Cleansing effectively is the first step on your journey to clear skin.

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