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Back Acne Causes

What Creates Acne Breakouts on Your Back and Body

What Causes Back Acne?
Whether or not youíre experiencing facial acne breakouts, back and body acne breakouts can be an ongoing and entirely separate problem for both men and women alike. While many of the causes of back acne can be the same as the causes of acne breakouts on your face, bacne can also be caused by a number of other factors that donítí impact your face. Before you can determine the right way to treat back or body acne, youíll need to identify the cause (or causes) of your breakouts on your back or other parts of your body.

Hormonal Back and Body Acne
Much like acne breakouts on your face, the most common cause of back and body acne breakouts is hormonal acne. Hormonal acne can happen to any individual of any gender at any age. While hormonal acne is most common during puberty and the teenage years, adult hormonal acne is not exactly uncommon. When adrenal hormones are overproduced, the skin then overproduces skin cells within hair follicles. Those skin cells then clog pores, leading to the build-up of acne-causing bacteria which, in turn, causes acne. Hormonal acne isnít simply limited to your face, it can happen all over.

Back Acne Treatments from Murad Canada

How to Treat Hormonal Back Acne
Because hormonal back acne is a biological condition, simple lifestyle changes may lesson it but wonít alleviate it. Youíll need to incorporate an entire back acne treatment regimen that focuses on Salicylic Acid. Salicylic Acid helps to slough away the dead skin cells below the skinís surface in order to reduce the number of blocked pores while it simultaneously kills acne-causing bacteria. Look for a treatment regimen that includes an exfoliating body scrub and a secondary form of back acne medication.

Allergies to Skin Care Products and Laundry Detergents
Breakouts on your back and body can also be the result of allergies or simply sensitive skin reactions to chemicals and ingredients that are touching your skin daily. This can include any lotions, body washes or other skin care products that you use on your body. It can also include your laundry detergent. If youíve never experienced a back or body acne breakout and recently tried a new detergent or lotion, then your breakout is likely related to the ingredients now touching your skin. Even if youíve always struggled with body breakouts, itís worth testing a new skin care regimen or detergent (typically with less harsh and more natural ingredients) to see if the change minimizes your back and body breakouts. Anything that touches your skin regularly can result in breakouts. Try to determine if you can get a clear back and body simply by making a change to the products that you use.

Clothing and Accessories that Trap Dirt and Oil
The choice of clothing that you wear can also cause breakouts on the skin across your body, and not simply because you may be allergic to the fabric, dyes or chemicals themselves. Synthetic fabrics that donít allow your skin to ďbreatheĒ and that trap dirt and oil against the skin for extended periods of time can lead to clogged pores which, in turn lead to bacteria build up and acne breakouts. Similarly, any accessory choice that you make that traps your skin and doesnít allow oil to naturally evaporate can aggravate breakouts (for example, a backpack pack). If you are prone to breakouts on your back or body, stick to loose-fitting, natural fibers and be conscious of other choices that may leave dirt trapped against your back.

Sweat and Oils from Workouts or Sports Cause Back Acne
Working out is an important part of being healthy, and since your skin is your bodyís largest organ, a healthy you will mean healthy skin. However, frequent workouts mean that youíre sweating more often. Also, itís highly typical for people to workout in synthetic materials that donít allow your skin to breathe naturally. If you workout frequently, be sure to minimize the impact of dirt and oil trapped against your skin in high quantities by showering immediately after you workout. Youíll also want to apply an oil-free skin moisturizer after you shower to ensure that your skin doesnít get overly dry from dehydration from sweating and showering. If your skin becomes overly dry, as youíll see below, you may just experience even more breakouts.

Overly Dry Skin and Acne on Your Back
Your skin can also breakout if it gets too dry, and your back and body can often become too dry because, unlike your face, you are not responsibly moisturizing. When your skin becomes too dry, dead and dry skin cells clog your pores. Because both the pores and the oil glands on your back are larger than elsewhere, this can lead to massively clogged pores and large, inflamed acne blemishes. While you want to ensure that youíre properly cleansing your back and body, donít over dry them. Avoid back acne treatments with Benzoyl Peroxide, which dries your skin significantly. Take warm showers instead of hot showers, and always moisturize both with a topical moisturizer and by hydrating from the inside by eating and drinking your water daily.

Weather Conditions and Back Acne
Weather conditions can cause, or even aggravate, acne breakouts. Particularly if you are from a temperate or mild climate, a suddenly humid climate can cause your skin to retain more moisture and oil. When that happens, breakouts occur on both the face and the body. Similarly, if you find yourself suddenly in a very dry climate, you may find that the skin on your back and body dries out, clogs your pores, and results in breakouts. Be aware of the climate that youíre in and how it can impact skin care (not just in terms of a back acne treatment). Then make good decisions about how to have healthy, acne-free skin in any climate.

Poor Hygiene and Back Acne
Of course, in order to have clear skin, youíll need to have basically good hygiene as well. Even if you donít shower or bathe every day, apply a topical acne medication such as Murad Clarifying Body spray to your back and sponge off oils and dirt daily. The more that you allow dirt and oil to settle into your skin, he more breakouts and blemishes you will experience.

What are the Best Back Acne Treatment Products?
Acne Canada recommends the back acne treatment products from Murad. The first product is Murad Acne Body Wash, which is a salicylic acid based body cleanser that uses date to exfoliate the rough skin of your back while delivering the acne medication directly to your back. The second product is Murad Clarifying Body Acne Spray, which is also a salicylic acid-based body spray that can reach hard-to-reach places and begins to clear skin instantly, even if you havenít cleansed the skin yet.

Though we often donít recommend using a loofah to exfoliate skin as the rough texture can actually irritate and aggravate skin and cause additional acne breakouts, because the skin on your back can be rougher, tougher and more difficult to reach, you may want to consider a loofah to help with surface skin exfoliation to help get rid of back and body acne.

Back Acne Treatment Product Reviews

Murad Acne Body Wash Product Reviews

Murad Canada Back Acne Washa>GennyS from Florida, USA
Age 36-46
"This product is the best I have found on the market and I've tried everything from over the counter to prescription meds. None have worked as well as this body wash. It is worth every penny to have that bathing suit ready backside for summer. Thank you again for creating such wonderful products." Get Murad Acne Body Wash Now.

Anthony from New Mexico, USA
Age 19-25
"This product works very well! I definitely recommend it to everyone with acne on their body other than their face! I use it for my back, chest, and face while I am showering and it works like a wonder! It has tiny beads that help to exfoliate your skin, and feels great after you use it! I am going to continue using it! Definitely recommended!!!" Get Murad Acne Body Wash Now.

EsthieRachel from California, USA
Age 19-25
"This is more than just your typical body wash. It exfoliates amazingly without drying out my skin. It's great for people with acne on their back, but it's just plain great for anyone who wants smooth skin!" Get Murad Acne Body Wash Now.

Murad Clarifying Body Spray Product Reviews

Murad Clarifying Body SprayJoquin from California, USA
Age 36-45
"It was time to order Clarifying Body Spray again. I usually order two at a time. At first I was unable to locate it on the product list (my fault). I got concerned! Sure enough, I did not look in the correct area (Acne). This is absolutely the best product of it's kind. I love the 360 degree spray, you can reach any area you need, especially important area is my back. This product WORKS!" Get Murad Canada Clarifying Body Spray Now!

Kb22 from California, USA
Age 19-25
"Why did I wait SO long to get this?! I just hit 23 years old and started getting painful breakouts on my back and shoulders. Nothing was working. I wasted quite a bit of money on cheaper products, trying to avoid buying this more expensive one. Six hours in I saw a major improvement. 24 hours later, I am left with only about 40% of what I had breakout wise. I cannot wait to see a week from now! There will be nothing!" Get Murad Canada Clarifying Body Spray Now!

seabee from Pennsylvania, USA
Age 36-45
"Unfortunately my 30's marked the start of severe breakouts on my chest, arms and back. I began using Clarifying Body Spray over the winter and this has been the first summer in a long time I was not embarrassed to go sleeveless. Thank you Murad! Please, never discontinue this product. The formula works and the application is ingenious." Get Murad Canada Clarifying Body Spray Now!

A Final Thought on the Causes of Back Acne
The most important thing to remember is that your skin, including your back, is your bodyís largest organ. A healthy you will mean a healthy, acne-free back and body. In addition to using the best back acne treatment products you can find, be sure to eat a healthy acne diet, drink and eat your water daily, get enough sleep, reduce stress and donít smoke cigarettes! The healthier you are, the fewer causes of back acne youíll be exposed to and the more glowing, healthy skin youíll have.

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