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Back Acne Solutions

Medications, Treatments and Lifestyle Changes to Clear Bacne

If you experience back acne and body acne breakouts, then chances are that youíre looking for a solution that will help you get clear skin all over, and not just on your face. When looking for solutions to clear back and body acne, itís important to look at three different types of solutions for all-over clear skin: acne medications, back acne treatments and changes to lifestyles that can lead to clear, healthy skin. Weíll discuss all three, and at the end of this article youíll know everything that you need to know in order to clear body and back acne breakouts.

Before you begin to search for a back acne solution, though, itís important that you identify the cause of your back acne or body acne. Hormonal acne will be treated differently than body breakouts that are caused simply by a reaction to products or clothing. Be sure to know whatís causing your back acne before you begin to experiment with solutions.

Back Acne Medications and Ingredients

There are two types of acne medications to consider for back and body blemishes. The first are internal medications prescribed by a dermatologist. These will be primarily effective for hormonal acne breakouts on your body. In order to utilize these medications, youíll need to visit your local general practitioner or dermatologist for an evaluation and prescription.

However, there are a variety of topical medications for acne breakouts that can be highly effective on back or body breakouts. Here are the basics on what youíll need to know about topical acne medications for your body:

Salicylic Acid: Salicylic Acid is Acne Canadaís recommended topical acne medication and is used in the Murad line of back and body acne products. If your acne is hormonally driven, as most acne is, then your body produces and excess of skin cells within your hair follicles. Those skin cells then clog your follicles and result in the build-up of acne-causing bacteria. The result? Blemishes. And because your back has larger pores and larger oil glands than the rest of your body, those blemishes can be extremely large. Salicylic Acid attacks hormonal acne in two ways. First it sloughs away the dead skin cells within the hair follicle to reduce the number of clogged pores that you experience. Then it fights acne-causing bacteria. To clear acne for the long term, look for bacne products that contain Salicylic Acid.

Back Acne Treatments from Murad Canada

Exfoliating Agents: The skin on your back is also rougher and can be drier than the skin elsewhere on your body. You want to ensure that the back and body acne treatment products that you use contain an exfoliating agent to remove the dead skin cells from the surface. Look for products that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids to exfoliate. You can also look for products that contain textured ingredients, such as Date Seed Powder, that slough away surface dead skin cells.

Benzoyl Peroxide: Benzoyl Peroixde is a common acne-fighting topical medication. If youíre using an acne body wash that contains Benzoyl Peroxide, be aware that the ingredient can over-dry your skin. Benzoyl Peroxide is so strong that it actually bleaches pillowcases and sheets. If youíre using a Benzoyl Peroxide product, be sure to augment with a body moisturizer and be aware of the potential that excess dry skin may clog pores and lead to more acne breakouts.

Back Acne Treatment Products

Now that you understand the best acne treatment medications and ingredients, youíll need to determine what the best back acne treatment products are. Acne Canada recommends the Murad Canada back acne regimen of Murad Acne Body Wash and Murad Clarifying Acne Body Spray. This combination allows you to both exfoliate and medicate while also providing topical acne medications to your back throughout the day as needed.

Murad Acne Body Wash Exfoliates and Medicates: Murad Acne Body Wash is specially formulated by the same experts who created Murad Acne Complexģ to address back and body acne. Salicylic Acid fights and prevents breakouts while Date Seed Powder exfoliates the top of your skin. Using this body wash twice daily is shown to deliver powerful results to clear your bacne and body acne.

Murad Clarifying Acne Body Spray Delivers Acne-Fighting Ingredients: After you shower, or throughout the day as needed, Murad Clarifying Body Spray delivers acne medications directly to your skin. Even if you canít get a full shower in, a quick spray can actively fight body blemishes on contact, leaving you with clear skin from head to toe.

Lifestyle Choices for Clear Skin

The skin is the bodyís largest organ, so lifestyle choices that you make every day can help lead to clear skin on every part of your body. In particular, when working towards a clear back and body, keep the following in mind:

Wear Loose-Fitting, Natural Clothing: Synthetic fabrics and tight-fitting clothing can trap dirt and oil next to your skin, clogging pores and causing acne breakouts. If youíre prone to back or body acne, opt for looser-fitting clothing thatís made from natural fabrics and allows your skin to ďbreatheĒ throughout the day.

Eat and Drink Your Water Daily: Healthy skin begins with hydration. Drink eight glasses of water per day and also be sure to eat an ample amount of fruits and vegetables. The molecular structure of water in fruits and vegetables will keep you hydrated for longer and your skin healthy all day long.

Eat a Healthy Acne Diet: While itís not true that eating French fries or a chocolate bar will result in an acne breakout, healthy skin begins on the inside. Eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and natural foods and low in processed foods and junk food. What you put into your body can determine what your skin looks like on the outside.

Get Enough Sleep and Reduce Stress: Particularly for those who suffer from hormonal acne, lack of sleep or increased stress can stimulate overproduction in the adrenal gland and result in more clogged pores, more acne-causing bacteria and more breakouts. Reduce stress where possible, and be sure to get a full night of sleep each night.

Donít Smoke! As a general rule, you want to reduce your exposure to toxins and pollutants wherever possible. However, where youíre certainly inhaling toxins that you donít need that can lead to unhealthy skin is via cigarette smoke if you smoke. Smoking is unhealthy for you in general, and itís impact on your skin can be significant.

Be Careful About Detergents and Skin Care Ingredients: Back and body acne can often be caused by reactions to ingredients in lotions and skin care products or even laundry detergent. Using natural products or products with ingredients that you are sure will not irritate your skin can alleviate many acne breakouts on your body.

Back Acne Solutions: Product and Treatment Reviews

Murad Clarifying Acne Body Spray Reviews

Murad Canada Acne Body SprayNotGettingYounger from Michigan, USA
Age 26-35
"This product is great. It has cleared up my chest and back significantly. Works well and easy to use with the 360 sprayer. If you feel like your skin isn't clear enough to wear a vneck, you should try this. Although a little pricey, just think it's no more than a specialist co-pay to the dermatologist's office." Get your Murad Acne Body Spray now!

Loving from California, USA
Age 36-45
"The people who designed the packaging and how it can still spray even though it's upside down-hands down! You make it so convenient which is probably one of the reasons why I buy this product. It helps in controlling the acne and reduce the bumps in your back. Now if only they do that for the post acne blemishes too! Maybe that's another idea in the works? Hopeful!" Get your Murad Acne Body Spray now!

AshK from California, USA
Age 19-25
"This is a great product. I have had an issue with back acne from my sports bra and this product really keeps it away. I have tried several different back acne medicines and this by far is the best." Get your Murad Acne Body Spray now!

Murad Acne Body Wash Reviews

Murad Canada Acne Body WashSunshinePrunes from California, USA
Age 19-25
"I have had acne on my body for as long as I have had it on my face, but the acne on my chest and back was way worse. I was never able to wear any type of summer top as I was always hiding my skin. When I started using the Acne Body Wash the spots really started to calm down and then the redness disappeared. Over the course of using this body wash I saw consistent clear skin. The little exfoliates are super helpful in not only making my skin look great but feel good too." Get your Murad Acne Body Wash now!

CLittle from Wyoming, USA
Age 36-45
"I purchased Murad Acne Body Wash for my son to use during puberty. It has worked well on his fair, sensitive skin without over drying. It helps to control hormonal/growth/development hygiene issues, calms outbreaks and redness. It has also worked well for his underarms minimizing odor. The product has been easy for him to apply and use in the shower." Get your Murad Acne Body Wash now!

Amepe from Colorado, USA
Age 19-25
"This product works really nicely. Doesn't smell bad but it is very drying when used daily. I recommend only using it on your breakout areas not the whole body! Great for those athletes!" Get your Murad Acne Body Wash now!

A Final Thought on Back Acne Solutions Finding a solution for clearing back or body acne isnít as simple as just buying a loofah and a body wash. Figuring out the cause of your back acne breakouts, finding the right solution, and making healthy lifestyle adjustments all play a key role. Make sure that you address your body acne and bacne from a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree perspective for clear skin from head to toe every day.

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