Acne Treatment and Chlorine

Acne Treatment and Summer Exposure to Chlorine

or many of us, summer means the joy of a day spent in the swimming pool or a night spent in a hot tub. While that's great for relaxation (which is important to optimal skin health), it's actually not great for your skin. While you may think that the chlorine is good for drying up your acne, in truth it's very hard on your skin and can actually work against your long-term skin care goals. How does chlorine play into your acne treatment plan? As you're enjoying pool or hot tub time, keep the following things in mind.

Chlorine Significantly Dries Out Your Skin

You may think that the fact that chlorine and other pool chemicals dry out your skin is a good thing. After all, don't you want to dry out your acne? The answer is that, yes, you do. However, you want to do that in a way that is healthy, not a way that over-dries your skin. Consider the chlorine a short term fix, but it's not responsible skin care that will get rid of acne for the long term. Drying out your skin can result in early signs of aging, as well as even more severe breakouts later on. Solution? You know you won't stay out of the water, so be sure to use a moisturizing sun block, and also moisturize regularly as part of your skin care routine to replenish hydration. And, of course, drink lots and lots of water and eat lots of fruit!

Wash Your Face After Being the Pool Every Single Time

Of course, it's critically important that you get the chlorine and pool chemicals off of your skin as soon as possible after you exit the pool. Always use a gentle skin cleanser to wash your face immediately following your swimming excursion. Not only will it remove the chemicals from your skin's surface, but it will also remove any surface dirt from the pool water that's also ended up on your skin.

Continue Using Your Best Acne Treatment Products

Summer and the chemicals of the pool may make your skin appear clear on the surface, but that definitely doesn't mean that blemishes and pimples aren't forming underneath skin's surface. Continue to use your acne treatment products to ensure that bacteria and surface oils are removed so that your skin stays clear even when your tan is gone.

Having clear skin in the summer often feels easier, but being sure to stick to your acne treatment regimen means that you'll still have clear skin when the seasons change!

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