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Top 10 Tips to Get Rid of Acne

If you breakout in blemishes regularly, then most days one of the biggest items on your mind is how to get rid of acne. Thatís completely understandable. Nobody wants to go through life feeling like they need to hide behind their hair or makeup because theyíre not confident in their skin. But how do you get clear skin and get rid of acne blemishes? While there are many acne myths and facts on the internet, here are ten proven tips to help you get clear skin.

Number Ten: Stay Away From Benzoyl Peroxide Treatments

One of the most common myths of acne treatment is that Benzoyl Peroxide will get rid of acne. It is true that products with Benzoyl Peroxide will dry out your acne, which will minimize existing breakouts and provide a short term solution to preventing future breakouts. However, Benzoyl Peroxide wonít provide a long term solution to getting rid of your acne breakouts. Acne isnít caused by oily skin. Itís caused by an overproduction of skin cells inside of hair follicles. When you dry out your skin, you just speed up the process by which existing blemishes flake away. You donít do anything to clear acne breakouts long term.

Number Nine: Look for Products with Salicylic Acid

So if youíre not using Benzoyl Peroxide to treat your acne breakouts, what should you use? Look for products with Salicylic Acid, such as Murad Acne Complexģ. Salicylic Acid actually combats the true cause of acne, excess skin cells beneath the surface and acne-causing bacteria. You want to look for products that are less than two percent Salicylic Acid to ensure that the medication isnít too strong. While you may experience a ďpurgingĒ effect with Salicylic Acid products, your skin will get clear for the long term instead of just the short term.

Number Eight: Use an Oil Free Moisturizer

Because most people with acne-prone skin also have oily skin, they often donít use a moisturizer as part of their skin care regimen. After all, they think that their skin is oily enough already. However, you need to achieve a properly balanced skin tone to have healthy, clear skin. When your skin feels as though it doesnít have enough moisture, it produces more oil as a response. That can clog pores and lead to blemishes. Use an oil-free moisturizer (we recommend Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion) to achieve healthy, balanced skin and reduce breakouts.

Number Seven: Drink Lots and Lots of Water

Keeping your skin hydrated with a moisturizer is just as important as keeping your skin healthy and hydrated from the inside as well. Drink a full eight glasses of water per day and be sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. You can absorb water from fruits and vegetables and retain it longer than water that you drink. Healthy skin, and acne-free skin, is hydrated skin.

Murad Canada Treatments to Help Get Rid of Acne

Number Six: You Are What You Eat

Itís an acne myth that if you eat an order of French fries or a chocolate bar, youíll immediately break out. However, diet plays a big role in the health of your skin, and making changes to your diet can help you to get rid of acne. If youíre eating a diet thatís high in junk foods and fast foods, then youíre not giving your body the nutrients that it needs and youíre also filling your system up with chemicals and preservatives. Focus on eating a diet thatís rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only do fruits and vegetables help you get water and stay hydrated, but they also contain antioxidants, which improve the overall health of your skin. The healthier you eat, the healthier youíll be. Since your skin is your bodyís largest organ, that means that your skin will be healthier, too.

Number Five: Spot Treat Blemishes as Soon as You Feel Them

Anybody whoís ever broken out knows that you can typically feel an inflamed blemish forming long before it makes it to the surface of your skin. Thereís absolutely no reason that you canít already be healing acne blemishes before theyíre visible to the world. Murad Acne Spot Treatment uses sulfur to dry existing blemishes while also treating the skin around the blemish to reduce redness. Sulfur has been used to improve skin health, including fighting acne, for centuries. As soon as you feel the blemish forming, just dab a touch on and, in many cases, the pimple will heal before it ever surfaces.

Number Four: Donít Cake on Makeup or Cover-Up

Makeup can have a huge impact on your skin. In fact, itís even possible that your acne breakouts are caused by the ingredients in your makeup or skin care products (this is called Acne Cosmetica). If you have acne-prone skin, begin by making sure that your makeup products are oil-free. Many makeup products, including the Murad Hybrids include skin care ingredients that help improve the overall health of your skin. If youíre still experiencing breakouts, consider switching to makeup and skin care products that use only natural and organic products. If you find that your skin is breakout sensitive to makeup and skin care, make sure that youíre always testing new products on a small patch of skin before you use them. Finally, no matter how tired you are at night, always be sure to remove and wash off your makeup to avoid unnecessarily clogging pores.

Number Three: Use a Weekly Acne Face Mask

Adding a an acne treatment face mask to your skin care regimen once or twice a week can also help to get rid of and prevent breakouts. Murad Clarifying Acne Face Mask uses Rare Earth Clays to draw impurities out of your skin that can not only lead to acne breakouts but also cause your skin to have an overall dullness and lack of healthy glow. Your skin, much like your muscles, sometimes needs a little boost. An acne treatment facial or face mask can be that weekly boost that helps get rid of any stubborn breakouts or blemishes.

Number Two: Stop Touching Your Face!

Itís estimated that the average person touches their face over two thousand times per day. Thatís a lot! And every time you touch your face you transfer dirt and oil to your face. That dirt and oil, of course, can clog pores and lead to the build up of acne-causing bacteria. When that happens, blemishes form. While itís impossible to get through the day without touching your face at all, you can be more conscious of your face-touching habits and try to minimize them.

Number One: Fade Post-Acne Marks and Redness

Finally, donít just focus on getting rid of your existing acne, make sure to treat acne scars and fade post-acne marks as well. After a blemish heals, you may be left with areas of darkened pigmentation that still mark your complexion. Use products or treatments that help to fade those areas so that you have the perfect, flawless skin that you deserve now that youíve won the battle to get rid of acne. Getting clear skin and getting rid of acne can be a challenge at any age and for any gender. However, it is possible with the right acne treatment products and lifestyle changes. Follow this top ten list and youíll be on your way to clear skin sooner than you imagined!

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