Types of Acne Explained

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Three Types of Acne and How to Treat Them

When you’re working to get rid of acne breakouts, how you treat your acne can be different based on the type of acne that you have. While most people know that there’s a difference between cystic acne, inflamed acne and whiteheads or blackheads, there are also different types of acne that are based on the cause of the breakout. In order to figure out what you should do to treat and get rid of your blemishes, you’ll need to be sure that you understand not only what type of acne you have but also if you possibly have a combination of several different types of acne that are all contributing to each other. So what are the most common acne types by cause and how do you treat them? Here are the “big three” in terms of types of acne by cause with treatment tips.

Hormonal Acne: The Most Common Acne Type

The most common type of acne, at any age, is hormonal acne. Hormonal Acne is breakouts that are caused by an overproduction of skin cells and sebum (oil). Both the production of skin cells and oil are regulated by the hormones of the adrenal gland. When those hormones become overactive, more oil and skin cells than your skin can handle are formed. While oil contributes to acne breakouts by creating a conducive environment for the build-up of acne-causing bacteria, it’s really the overproduction of skin cells that results in inflamed and even cystic Hormonal Acne. The excess skin cells that are formed within hair follicles clog the pores of those follicles. It’s ultimately clogged pores that lead to the build-up of acne-causing bacteria that then result in visible and even painful blemishes.

Who gets Hormonal Acne? Anybody can get Hormonal Acne at any age regardless of gender or race. While many people experience Hormonal Acne during puberty or their teenage years, any time your hormones shift the result can be acne breakouts. This can happen at any age or time, and for women often coincides with their menstrual cycle.

Where does Hormonal Acne appear? Hormonal Acne can appear anywhere on your skin. Not only can your face break out as a result of Hormonal Acne, but you can also experience back and body breakouts.

How do you treat Hormonal Acne? There are two methods to treat Hormonal Acne. The first method is to work to regulate and normalize the hormone production behind the breakouts. You’ll need to consult a dermatologist or physician for advice on which medications are best for the internal treatment of Hormonal Acne. Topically, however, the best way to address Hormonal Acne is to reduce the impact of excessive, dead skin cells beneath the skin’s surface. While drying out existing blemishes can spot-treat your pimples, the only way to get clear skin for the long term is to stop your pores from being clogged. The only way to stop your pores from being clogged is to treat the cause of the blockage, or the dead skin cells beneath the surface of your skin.

While that may sound like quite a challenge, Murad Acne Complex® treatment products utilize Salicylic Acid. Why is that important? Salicylic Acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid that works to slough away dead skin cells beneath the surface of the skin within hair follicles. Without the dead skin cells to clog the pores, acne-causing bacteria doesn’t build up and your skin becomes acne-free. The important thing to remember is that, though people with Hormonal Acne often have excessively oily skin as well, simply drying out the oil won’t result in addressing the true cause of Hormonal Acne breakouts. To do that, you’ll need to get below the surface of the skin with a treatment to reduce blocked pores.

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Acne Cosmetica: Acne as a Reaction to Skin Care or Makeup Products

Acne Cosmetica is the term applied to acne that happens as a result of the use of skin care or makeup products. Acne Cosmetica can be the result of a reaction to specific ingredients in the products that you use on your skin, to the oil in the products that you use on your skin, or, in some cases, to poor habits with washing your face and removing your skin care or makeup products. In short, Acne Cosmetica happens when your skin reacts to the products that you’re using on it by either becoming irritated and breaking out as a result or by experiencing an increase in clogged pores that then result in more acne blemishes.

Who gets Acne Cosmetica? Any person who uses products on their skin can experience Acne Cosmetica. This isn’t simply limited to women and makeup. Sun blocks, shaving products and moisturizers can cause acne breakouts for men as well.

Where does Acne Cosmetica appear? Acne Cosmetica can appear anywhere that you apply products to your skin. While this is most often your face, lotions, sun blocks and even the ingredients in your laundry detergent can cause Acne Cosmetica breakouts on your back or body.

How do you treat Acne Cosmetica? Ultimately, there are two steps to treating Acne Cosmetica. This first, obviously, is to identify which products are causing your skin to break out and then either remove them entirely from your beauty or skin care regimen or find alternative products to use. This may require you to go “product free” for a period of time and then slowly incorporate various products back into your regimen. When you do begin looking for products that you can use without causing breakouts, be sure to do so by testing them on small sections of your skin to see what happens before you try to use them on your full face or body. If you have naturally oily skin to begin with, be sure to use oil-free products. If you have sensitive skin, try to look for products with fewer harsh chemical ingredients and more natural ingredients.

While you’re looking for appropriate skin care and makeup products to avoid Acne Cosmetica, you’ll want to heal your existing blemishes. Suffers of Acne Cosmetica tend to have sensitive skin, so avoid products with Benzoyl Peroxide. Murad Acne Spot Treatment utilizes Sulfur, which will not only heal your existing blemishes by drying them out but will also reduce redness and irritation with its natural healing properties.

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Acne Mechanica: Acne Caused by What Touches Your Skin

Acne Mechanica is the scientific term for acne caused by what touches your skin. This could be your hands (it’s said that the average person touches their face more than two thousand times per day), your clothing (which traps dirt and oil against your skin) or even elements of your daily life that you may not have thought of such as a backpack or even equipment at the gym. Whenever acne is caused by something physical that touches your skin, it can be categorized as Acne Mechanica.

Who gets Acne Mechanica? Anybody can get Acne Mechanica at any time, even if they’re not prone to acne breakouts. Any time something transfers dirt and oil to your skin (like your hands) or traps dirt and oil against your skin, pores can become clogged and breakouts can happen.

Where does Acne Mechanica appear? While Acne Mechanica can appear anywhere, it’s most commonly associated with back and body acne caused by clothing choices or lifestyle situations.

How do you treat Acne Mechanica? Much like with Acne Cosmetica, with Acne Mechanica you’ll first need to adjust to stop the source of the breakouts and then treat the existing blemishes and breakouts. If your breakouts are due to, or contributed to, by the amount of times per day that you touch your face or skin, you’ll need to train yourself to reduce how often you’re touching your skin. If your breakouts are due to clothing, try using looser fitting clothing or clothing made of natural fabrics. Evaluate your lifestyle and what may be trapping dirt and oil against your skin, then adjust as needed.

In most cases, Acne Mechanica will be back and body acne. It’s entirely possible to treat back and body acne just as effectively as you would treat acne on your face. You’ll want to address the same issues, exfoliating pore-clogging dead skin cells, dirt and oil from the surface and then delivering powerful acne-fighting medication. Murad Canada has a powerful duo of back and body acne fighting products that can help to heal and get rid of existing back and body acne while also preventing any future breakouts that you may be prone to.

Once you’ve identified which type of and cause of acne you have, you can address your treatment needs and select appropriate acne products. Your acne breakouts may, in fact, be the result of a combination of the types of acne described above. If so, you can still get clear skin by making the appropriate lifestyle changes and finding the right products to help get rid of acne.

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