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For many who suffer from acne breakouts, the desire to go down the long road of doctor’s visits, prescription treatments and even potentially laser treatments is not an appealing process. An acne home treatment that can help to get rid of acne without the cost, stress and medications of a doctor’s visit is the first step in acne treatment for most people. But how do you begin a treatment for acne at home and what steps should you take? Advice from the experts at Acne Canada!

Identify What Kind of Acne You Have

The first step is to identify what kind of acne you have so that you can begin the best treatment for acne for your specific concerns. Is your acne hormonal (the most common type?). Is it acne cosmetica, which is actually acne breakouts caused by makeup? Is it large and cycstic or more simple surface acne? Do you need to worry about back acne or acne scars as well?

Select the Right Home Acne Treatment Products

The next step, of course, is to select the right products for your needs. Don’t simply concern yourself with the type of acne that you have, also consider your other skin care needs, such as dry or sensitive skin. We recommend Murad Acne Complex® as a home treatment for most kinds of acne. However, there are a variety of other quality acne products to consider. Research your products based on home acne treatment reviews, ingredients, and recommendations from estheticians and dermatologists.

Begin Your Home Acne Treatment Test: Allow Proper Time

Now, begin your at home acne treatment plan, which should include a step to cleanse, a step to treat and a step to hydrate your skin. Here, however, is one of the most important parts. Be sure to allow time to determine if your acne products are really working. With many products and treatments, your skin may get worse before it gets better. This is because the bacteria that was causing your acne breakouts needs to make its way to the surface of your skin and be flushed out. Allow up to four weeks to determine if your home acne treatment is working, then consider changes or consult a dermatologist.

Treating your acne at home can be a successful and stress-free way to get clear skin that’s acne free. Simply be sure to follow the process of determining your type of acne, researching the right products and then giving your home acne treatment time to work before changing products or strategy.

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