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The first step to determining the best way to get rid of acne with an acne treatment plan is to know what the biggest myths about acne are. From there, you can then find the best acne skin care products for you!

1) Eating chocolate, French fries and pizza will cause breakouts.

FALSE. If sugar and carbohydrates lead to acne then more obese people would display it-and this is not the case. Some research shows that sugar triggers inflammation on the inside of your body. Despite sugar, acne blemishes occur from swollen skin around the hair follicle that reacts to dirt, oil and bacteria inside.

2) Moisturizer should never be applied to acne-prone skin.

FALSE. People with acne-prone skin do not necessarily have extra oily skin, so moisturizer is as important to your skin as drinking water is for life. Hydration is the key to clear, calm skin. What to look out for is a noncomedogenic moisturizer and sunscreen that will not clog your pores and in turn, make your face breakout. Your skin will also benefit from moisturizers with retinol, vitamin C and soothing botanicals, which can reduce inflammation and improve your skin's overall texture.

3) Acne is caused by poor hygiene.

FALSE. The major factors associated with acne blemishes are things you have little to no control over. These are genetics and hormones. This does not mean you may skip washing your face or make up for lack of hygiene by lathering on extra treatment lotion. Simply follow a daily skincare regimen. Cleanse. Tone. Treat. Add a clarifying facemask if you like, but use sparingly and about one to two times a week so not to dry out your skin.

4) Acne is caused by diet.

FALSE. Although there is some research that links certain foods to acne blemishes, such as seaweed and seafood, there is not enough scientific backing. If you have a known skin allergy, then simply avoid eating that particular food. Don't fret over a slice of pizza or chocolate cake. Pimples don't happen over night. They take weeks to manifest. Eat healthy everyday, for your skin and for your wellbeing.

5) Acne is caused by stress.

FALSE. The day-to-day worries of life play a minor role in acne. Consult your physician or dermatologist if you feel there is a link between your anti-depressant or stress-relief pills. Some prescription medication can actually worsen acne breakouts.

6) Just wait. You will outgrow acne.

FALSE. Act now. Say goodbye to breakouts. Sure, acne is not uncommon, but it should not be tolerated either. Blemishes can become deep scars, both physical and emotional. Do your research. Consult a dermatologist. Find the best skincare regimen and acne medication for you and your skin!

7) Acne can be cured.

FALSE. As there is no single cause for acne, there is no single cure. Even the strongest acne treatments, such as surgery and the prescription drug Accutane, cannot eliminate acne for good. It is more than skin-deep. That means you have to treat this disease from the inside out. Eat healthy. Drink water. Get lots of sleep. Follow a daily skincare regimen. Consistency is crucial in preventing and treating breakouts.


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