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If youíre prone to acne breakouts and pimples, then chances are that youíre searching for a pimple treatment or effective acne treatment. However, finding the right products, techniques and even lifestyle choices to help get clear skin can be confusing and even challenging. Here are five quick tips to always keep in mind when looking for a pimple treatment that will work to get you clear, healthy skin.

Choose Your Acne Fighting Ingredient Wisely

The first step is to select the main acne treatment ingredient in your products wisely. You will most likely be choosing between acne products that feature Benzoyl Peroxide and acne fighting products that feature Salicylic Acid. Acne Canada recommends products with Salicylic Acid as the primary ingredient. Benzoyl Peroxide can often over-dry your skin and cause redness, irritation and even further breakouts.

Look for a Complete Pimple Treatment System

Donít just look for an acne treatment or pimple treatment product Ė look for a complete skin care solution. You donít just want to be pimple free, you want to have healthy skin. Look for a three-step (or even four-step) solution that includes a cleanser, a pimple treatment and a moisturizer. Yes, even if you are fighting pimples, you need a moisturizer for healthy skin!

Donít Forget That Treating Pimples Starts On The Inside

A topical pimple treatment isnít the only thing that youíll need to get clear skin for the long term! Remember that hydration (drink at least eight glasses of water a day), diet (eat foods rich in antioxidants), sleep, stress level and sun and pollution exposure all contribute to skinís overall health and can cause pimples (or cause clear skin if managed properly).

Treat Your Whole Face Ė Not Just Pimples & Spots

Donít just treat pimples as they appear on your face! If you do that, then youíre treating the symptom, not the problem. To get rid of pimples and get clear skin, youíll need to treat your entire face (as well as any back and body acne) even in spots that appear clear. Ultimately, you want to reduce dead skin cells on the skinís surface that clog pores and fight against the bacteria that then gets trapped and causes acne breakouts. Just treating the pimples and spots as they happen wonít cure your acne breakouts.

Featured Pimple Treatment Product Review

Acne Canada recommends Murad Acne Complexģ treatment systems and products to get rid of breakouts and as a pimple treatment. These clinically proven acne products cleanse, treat and hydrate while giving you healthy, acne-free skin.

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