Acne Treatment Products for the Beach or Pool

Acne Treatment Must-Haves for Beach and Pool Season

Raise your hand if, this summer, you've been spending a lot of time at a beach or a pool? Chances are, most of you just raised your hands. And while that's great, a lot of time at a pool or beach can be hard on acne prone skin. The sun, chemicals and salt water (not to mention some commercial sun blocks) can actually aggravate your skin. Luckily, you probably have a huge beach bag in which you can put some of the best acne treatment productsfor summer sunning time. Here are the hot five summer beach products for acnefrom Murad-Canada.

Acne Spot Treatment: It's a tiny container, and it means that you can fight blemishes and acne breakouts as you feel them coming on. Slide it into your beach bag or, because it's so small, simply slide it into your purse. Sulfur means no harsh impact on your skin - just beautiful, clear skin so that the sun isn't all that's shining!

Acne Body Wash: You don't want to let the oil, salt, pool chemicals or even dirt of the day stay on your back and body and cause back and body acne, do you? You also probably don't want to use the shower gel provided at your local pool shower! Make sure that you have both Murad's Acne Body Wash and Clarifying Body Spray in your beach bag! After all, you want to make sure that you get rid of acne everywhere it can strike!

Oil Free Sun Block SPF 30: The number one rule of beautiful skin, whether it's acne prone or otherwise, is to protect it from the sun. Nothing damages your skin more than the sun - both in terms of health risk, aging skin and discoloration. Because you have acne-prone skin, you'll want to use an oil free sun block, such as the one offered by Murad.

Skin Perfecting Lotion: Sun, saltwater and chlorine will all dry your skin, not to mention that you won't stay hydrated very long in the summer heat. Skin Perfecting Lotion from Murad will ensure that your skin stays healthy and hydrated all day long - and it's smaller sized packaging means it's easy to carry along with you.

Clarifying Toner: Not only does this face toner keep skin clear, but it also feels refreshing to apply during a hot day out in the sun. Treat your acne while also giving your face a refreshing lift during the hot day.

Don't just use your beach bag for magazines and water bottles! Use it to make sure that you have beautiful, poolside skin!

To learn more about Acne Complex® and the other acne treatment products from Murad-Canada, click here.

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